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Gislaved Com*Speed 2 van tyre


Grip the road with high precision.

Meets precision handling and comfort level. For middle and upper class vehicles.

  • High handling precision
  • Reliable wet performance.
  • Low rolling resistance & high mileage
Gislaved ULTRA*SPEED 2

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Service for our Tyre Customers

As service we provide information about the EU Tyre Label and winter tyres.

About EU Tyre Label

Based on three criteria, the EU Tyre Label provides information on the environmental and safety characteristics of a tyre. 

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Car in snow

What are winter tyres?

Winter weathers snow and ice can come suddenly as an unwelcome surprise. For challenging weather conditions, you need proper winter tyres.

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Gislaved Brand

Nordic weather? Trust our perfect grip – throughout the year whatever the weather

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